Le Marais aux Oiseaux

Le Marais aux Oiseaux is a property located in Charente-Maritime at the heart of the Ile d’Oléron in the towns of Dolus-d’Oléron and Saint-Pierre d’Oléron.

With an area of close to 10 ha, this property houses an educational discovery park and a wildlife protection center. It is located within 130 ha of hardwoods and former salt marshes that are now mostly freshwater, acquired as sensitive natural areas (40% have now been purchased by the Department).

Le Marais aux Oiseaux activity participates in nature protection and education: education for the public (discovery walks, activities, workshops…), environmental education for students, student interns (over 100, from high school to masters level), participation in inventories, censuses and specific studies that have led to over 120 scientific or popular science publications.

Le Marais aux Oiseaux is committed to the Pôles-Nature quality charter as established by the Charente-Maritime department and is a member of the Oléron network Nature & Culture created by the Community of Communes of the Ile d’Oléron.

More information: http://www.centre-sauvegarde-oleron.com/ & http://www.oleronmag.com/marais-aux-oiseaux/